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Ethical Billing Solutions

Leading Edge Medical Billing Services Designed for Single Providers and Small Group Practices

Our Services

Don’t settle for outdated medical billing practices.  Our system uses advanced technology for simple, quick and effortless claims processing.  

Fast Turn Around

Our system allows us to process and submit claims in a timely and accurate manner so you get paid quicker.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling

Includes features that allow you to create an appointment schedule that perfectly fits your requirements.  Includes free email reminders, waiting lists as well as options for text reminders and online payments.

Already have an online appointment scheduler you adore or prefer to use a non-digital process?  We are happy to work with your existing system.

Affordable Full Service Medical Billing

Think you can’t afford a full-service medical billing service?  Think again!

Human Touch

We offer the best of both worlds.  Technology and a dedicated staff.  Our goal is to provide a stress-free solution to medical billing.

Our Features

What is Full-Service Medical Billing?

Our streamline process encompasses all aspects of medical billing.  This includes checking benefits, collecting patient information, submitting claims, invoicing patients and follow-up on unpaid claims.  Plus our free online appointment scheduler makes scheduling much more efficient.  Let us handle your medical billing so you can focus on your practice. 


Patient eligibility and benefits

Insurance benefits and eligibility quotes are obtained from the patient’s insurance company prior to their first visit.  This important service cuts down on rejected claims due to patient ineligibility or unmet requirements. 

Explanation of Benefits

EOB’s can accompany payments or bring headaches.  We are experts at getting to the bottom of non-payment issues.  We are experienced at asking the right question(s) to get the correct resolution.

Claims Submission

Electronic and paper claims are submitted in a timely manner to Private Health Insurance Companies, Labor and Industries, Auto Insurance Companies, Medicare and Medicaid as applicable to the provider type we are billing for.   


We provide a monthly accounting of all charges, payments and adjustments and an up to date accounts receivibles report.  Each patient account is followed closely to mitigate any issues early.

Delinquent Accounts

Unfortunately, there are circumstances when a patient is unable or unwilling to satisfy their financial obligations to the provider for service rendered.  We will treat each patient with respect while pursuing the best solution for the provider.

Patient Billing

Patients are invoiced monthly for patient owed balances.  Patients can contact our office if they have questions about their bills.  Payment plans can be initiated when necessary.  This allows the provider’s role to remain strictly as a healthcare provider.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“I have worked with Lorette for over 25 yrs … I have always depended on her expertise to get my billing done accurately and in a timely manner. Thanks to Ethical Billing I have a steady stream of incoming insurance payments as well as a knowledgeable ally when dealing with insurance companies, in any capacity.”

Kit Rodiek

Owner, Inner Balance Massage

“With any billing issues you may have, Lorette gets to the bottom of it in short order.  She will either take care of it immediately or indicate what needs to get done in order for it to process correctly.  Her prices are very fair and it’s well worth it – both for the insurance companies reimbursements and for my own peace of mind.”

Dean Shellan

Owner, Mill Creek Massage Clinic

“We understand the economic stressors and time constraints faced by small office medical providers.  Our medical billing services can help.”

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Need More Information?

We are available to answer questions big and small.  We love to talk about medical billing!

Money Back Guarantee

Try us for 30 days.  If you aren’t fully satisfied, we’ll return your subscription fee.

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